Accountability Agreement Accountability Agreement


Accountability Agreement

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Support from family and friends can be very helpful as you start to make lifestyle changes that positively impact your life and health. When you decide to pursue a new and difficult task, it can be helpful to have an accountability partner.

Studies show that it's harder to skip a workout when you have someone to hold you accountable.187 This Accountability Agreement is a tool to help you ask for the kind of support you need to make big changes.

A workout buddy or accountability partner doesn't have to be a close friend or relative. They could just be someone from your network that you can connect with to support each other and share your progress. Someone that you can text and let them know that you got that 30 minute walk in today!

We've also got some great research on how and when an accountability partner can help in our blog posts about what it takes to change a habit and picking the best diet for yourself.

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