Our Story

We started Luminary Planners as a group of 4 friends who love to make sincere and useful things. With the support of our advisors and specialists, our small team is tackling big problems. Together, we work to create an ever-evolving product that can help people along their paths of personal development and self discovery.

Facts To Know


We formed in 2019 and launched in 2022.


We offer 400+ trackers and widgets.


We offer free versions of every product.


See our Works Cited for the science we base our products on.

What our customers say

Let's Work Together

Ways we can collaborate

logo for Content Collaboration

Content Collaboration

Perfect if you’d love to share some of our beautiful products and create engaging content in your socials, e.g. through giveaways, videos or other creative ideas.

logo for White Label Products

White Label Products

If you'd like to use our customizer and/or rendering engine to develop a product of your own, reach out and let us know!

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Brand Ambassador

A great fit if you’d like to earn money through your social media. Create your own unique material at a fixed rate, or earn commission by promoting coupon codes. (US Only)

Meet The Founders

a picture of Steven Sutton

Steven Sutton

Principal Engineer

Steven Sutton | Principal Engineer

As Principal Engineer and team lead, Steven is responsible for the software backbone for Luminary, including the web frontend, rendering engine, printing architecture, and analytics dashboards.

Steven has been working in Manufacturing and Product Development for over 15 years, an experience that has taken him from published medical research, special effects work, running rapid prototyping shops, developing AI systems, and building new products and manufacturing lines.

Outside of work, he enjoys collaborating with friends on interactive art installations in his shop. After a long week of programming, there's nothing quite like building something with your hands.

a picture of Sarah Ballew

Sarah Ballew

Design Lead

Sarah Ballew | Design Lead

Sarah leads the user experience and directs the overall brand design and products for Luminary Planners carefully considering every interaction point along the consumer journey.

Sarah has spent 5+ years in product design manufacturing, and has been sent throughout the United States and internationally for design research to create inspiring products. She holds 10+ years of combined professional experience as a multidisciplinary designer in graphic design, branding, advertising, user experience design, trade show experience design, and photography planning. She has collaborated with a celebrity designer to bring her vision to life at a large expo booth design in Vegas, where she also was invited to present on stage her views on design philosophy. Sarah also holds both a Silver and Gold Addy award in design, as well as some of her works have been featured in industry publications.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio from the University of South Carolina Upstate where she was also a former 3 sport division 1 collegiate athlete in Cross Country, Indoor & Outdoor Track and Field. Sarah has been professionally trained in design thinking philosophies in Cambridge, Massachusetts by world renown product development agency, IDEO.

a picture of Zack Sutton

Zack Sutton

Operations Manager

Zack Sutton | Operations Manager

Zack has been in sales and customer service for 20+ years. In the last five years he has branched out into rapid prototyping and product design.

Zack oversees the day-to-day operations of Luminary Planners print shop. He also handles our customer relations and product fulfillment. He has extensive experience assisting customers having served in several different customer-facing roles throughout his career. Being a part of a small team Zack has also had an opportunity to learn about UX design and UX testing, copywriting, marketing, and material sourcing.

Zack enjoys cooking and playing music, and usually has at least one art/fabrication project going at any given time. He plays guitar recreationally and plays bass in a local Fort Collins indy/alternative band.

a picture of Jonathan Popham

Jonathan Popham

Senior Engineer

Jonathan Popham | Senior Engineer

Jonathan has worked in software since 2013. He served as President of Freeside Atlanta from 2014 to 2016. He was a founding member of Nation of Makers, which is an initiative of the Office of Science and Technology Policy effort to build more makerspaces in the US. He was an organizer of Google Developer Group Atlanta from 2014-2017. Jonathan's team won the Google Startup Weekend EDU 2014 People's Choice award and placed second overall. He has an AS in Computer Science from Georgia State University and is pursuing a BS in Mathematics at Indiana University.

Jonathan enjoys powerlifting and power series. He lives on a farm with his partner Raquel.