What Body Type Are You Eating And Training For? Work With Your Body Not Against It

Aug 06, 2022

What body type are you eating and training for? Work with your body not against it

(Photo by Ivan Samkov)

When beginning an exercise program, it's important to have a realistic and healthy goal.[94]

To set a goal, try identifying exactly what you want out of an exercise routine. Are you looking to lose or maintain weight? Build muscle? To boost confidence and self-esteem? Do you battle with anxiety or depression?[29] What is your core motivation?

It's important to understand realistic goals that are appropriate for your body type. As well as the kinds of diets that you will need to maintain to reach those goals. It's better not to set general weight loss goals since they may not be healthy for your body type. Instead, aim for a healthy body fat percentage. 

The kinds of exercise and nutrition plans that you will want to engage in also depend on these factors. If you match your exercise program to your body type, you can set realistic goals. And you can avoid possible injury and health problems. 

What are the body types?


This type tends to be smaller, lower weight people. They often have longer limbs and a fast metabolism. They may carry body fat while still appearing skinny. And may struggle to gain weight and/or keep it on. 

Good exercises: Endurance exercises like swimming, track and field, or distance running. 

A reasonable goal for this body type: Toning and sculpting a healthy, strong, and lean body.


Endomorphs can be naturally softer and curvier. They have a metabolism that wants to hold onto fat. And they are great at turning that fat into muscle. People with this body type are usually bodybuilders, powerlifters, etc. Any exercise that deals with immense weight would be conducive. Many of these activities are dominated by endomorphs.

Good exercises: Powerlifting and sports that rely on pushing the limits of strength. 

A reasonable goal for this body type: Building muscle, rather than necessarily losing weight.


These are the people often portrayed on workout magazines and billboards. They gain and lose weight quickly and build muscle easily. If they want to stay lean, they will have to concentrate more on cardio and diet. For bulking up, they will need to focus on eating a lot of healthy foods and things like weightlifting. 

If you have this body type, really any workout will work for you. It really just depends on your goals.

Finding the right exercises for you

Do some research  and/or talk to a doctor to identify your body type. Then look up what would be best for that type.

What kinds of sports do others with the same body type excel at? What are some appropriate exercise routines and diets for them? Some of these things still may not work for you, but the point is that you don't have to fight against your nature. Embrace it, work with it, and learn what the strengths come with it. 

Wherever you are on this spectrum, be proud. If you are not built to be a marathon runner, no worries, runners probably won't be able to lift more than you can! Every body type can excel at some kind of performance. Guaranteed there is a sport or exercise that is perfectly suited for you.

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