3 Totally Doable Ways To Beat Procrastination And Get Fit

Aug 06, 2022

3 totally doable ways to beat procrastination and get fit

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Procrastination is often thought of as a time management problem, but one could argue that it comes down to emotions.[4] If you think about it, most procrastination starts with "I don't feel like it." This can be a major issue for many, especially when it comes to exercise. Mostly in the beginning, when you’re still forming a routine around it. 

But there are ways to give procrastination less power. To not let that "I don't feel like it" voice win. Each time you use one of these tactics, you will get more willpower to keep going, and it will help you to avoid burnout.

Track your wins and look at them often

Each time you make the choice to make yourself a priority and exercise, you should celebrate that as a win. It's one more step in the right direction.

Keep track of your successes by writing them down. That way you can look back and count every time that you overcame procrastination. Every time you did hit the gym or got that run in. When you see proof that you did it in the past, it may just be the encouragement that you need to do it again.

You can do this several ways. You could keep a journal and every day write one thing you did for your health. You could keep a sheet of paper in your pocket or gym-bag and write specifics or make hash marks to keep track. You could keep a sticky note on a mirror and mark down every day you've pushed the ball forward. Whatever works best for you.

Combine good habits with "bad"

Trick yourself into doing something you'd rather not do by using Temptation Bundling.[91] This is when you combine a new habit with something you already like doing.

Its effects were first tested on exercise by combining a guilty pleasure with a fitness routine. Participants were given an MP3 player with audiobooks on them. But they were only allowed to listen to them at the gym. If they wanted the rest of the story then they needed to show up for their workouts. And they did show up - up to 51% more frequently in fact.

Think about some things in your life that you already like doing. How could you bundle some of them up with your exercise routine?

Get present-you to help future-you

Another way to make it easier for yourself is to set out your workout clothes the day before. Set up or grab everything you'll need. If you exercise outside, put your shoes, and anything else you need, in the way of you opening the door. If you exercise at home, put equipment in a noticeable place. 

When you know you want to work out later in the day, make sure you properly hydrate and get some healthy food in for fuel. Tell someone you're going to do it. Put it on a calendar. These things in themselves are a commitment. If you do any or all of them, the rest will be easier because of it.

It's hard, but it's worth it

When it comes time to exercise, you just might not feel like it some days. But deep down you know that you will feel better, physically and mentally, once you get it done. Try to recognize that, "I don't feel like it" feeling. These are the times when you get to make the choices that either move you forward or keep you in place. Acknowledging these feelings will help you to choose what outcome you want. 

Write down your goals and make sure they're SMART. Be Specific about what you want. Find ways to Measure wins. Make sure it's something that can be Achieved. That it's Relevant to your larger goals in life. And that you have a Time that you want to achieve it by.

When you record every time that you overcome an urge to put something off, you can see your progress. You have written proof, which can be easier to see than fitness progress at first. It takes time to see results and this info could help keep your motivation up until that happens. Keep going, it will get easier and your health is worth it.

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